Swarnajayanti Fellowships Scheme

Govt. of India had instituted a scheme "The Swarnajayanti Fellowships" to commemorate India's fiftieth year of Independence. Under this scheme a selected number of young scientists, with proven track record, are provided special assistance and support to enable them to pursue basic research in frontier areas of science and technology. The fellowships are scientist specific and not institution specific, very selective and have close academic monitoring..

Nature of Support:

The support will cover all the requirements for performing the research and will include a fellowship of Rs. 25,000/- per month for five years. The fellowship will be provided in addition to the salary they draw from their parent Institution. In addition to fellowship, grants for equipments, computational facilities, consumables, contingencies, national and international travel and other special requirements, if any, will be covered based on merit. Scientists selected for the award will be allowed to pursue unfettered research with a freedom and flexibility in terms of expenditure as approved in the research plan. The project should contain innovative research idea and it should have a potential of making impact on R&D in the discipline.


The duration of the fellowship will be for a period not exceeding five years.

The advertisement for  “Swarnajayanti Fellowships Scheme” for each year will appear on the DST website with all details.

Swarnajayanti Fellowships Awards

Project List Year Wise
1997-05 2005-06[PDF]28.02 KB 2006-07[PDF]26.44 KB 2007-08[PDF]16.86 KB 2008-09[PDF]22.37 KB 2009-10[PDF]14.59 KB 2010-11[PDF]46.39 KB 2011-12[PDF]82.02 KB 2012-13[PDF]102.55 KB 2013-2014[PDF]160.97 KB 2014-2015[PDF]29.24 KB 2015-2016[PDF]49.78 KB 2016-2017[PDF]65.09 KB 2017-2018[PDF]294.97 KB

Applications received under Swarnajayanti Fellowships Scheme-area wise(2018-19)

List of Chemical Sciences[PDF]124.85 KB

List of Earth and Atmospheric Science[PDF]73.74 KB

List of Engineering Sciences[PDF]451.16 KB

List of Life Sciences[PDF]507.18 KB

List of Mathematical Sciences[PDF]140.8 KB

List of Physical Sciences[PDF]318.94 KB

*NB-kindely check the title and area of your application and incase of any anomaly kindly inform

Jacob[at]nic[dot]in And anish[dot]np[at]nic[dot]in

before 15th June 2019


For more information contact:

Shri Milind Kulkarni (Scientist G)  &  Dr. Jacob V. V.

Technology Bhawan
New Mehrauli Road
New Delhi-110 016.
Email : milind[at]nic[dot]in & jacob[at]nic[dot]in