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Annual Report 2000 - 2001

Scientific Services

Survey Of India

Survey of India, the Surveying and Mapping Organisation of Govt. of India bears a special responsibility to ensure that the country's domain is explored and mapped suitably to provide vast variety of maps for expeditious and integrated development, security and prosperity of the country now and for generations to come. Besides, it has also been carrying out Geodetic and Geophysical Surveys and allied research work in the areas of tidal, gravity, geomagnetic and project surveys for tunnel alignment, crustal movement and dam deformation studies etc. Highlights of some of the significant activities during the period under report are as under:

Technology Development Projects

  • Installation of Digital tide gauges on coast line and islands in the process of modernisation of network of tidal observatories for collection of tidal data for accurate tide prediction and study of variation of sea-level etc. is continued
  • Standardisation of symbols to be used in digital environment were finalised and circulated.
  • A proposal for introduction of dual series of maps: one series for use by defence forces and second for civil users has been formulated for presentation in DST.

Basic Research Projects

(i) Geodetic and Geophysical

  • Data generation and its processing for redefinition of Indian Geodetic Datum, in the context of deep continental studies.
  • Adjustment of Second Level Net of India to refine Vertical Datum.
  • Repetitive measurements using Global Positioning system and other sophisticated instrumentation for the study of seismicity and seismotectonics in earthquake prone areas and analysis of results.

(ii) Oceanographic work:

  • Analysis of Tidal Data for updating the Tidal Constituents for using these for improvement in prediction of Tides.
  • Maintenance of National Tidal Data Centre and processing of tidal data of various ports.

Technologies Transferred/ Commercialised

  • Technology for indigenous production of Photo opaque as an import substitute item for touching of film negatives has been developed. The production of photo opaque is being supplied to various Survey of India Directorates/ Reproduction units.
  • The production of touch-up fluid again an import subsitute item, required to correct scribed originals is continued in R&D directorate for using within the department.

Technology Demonstration Projects Undertaken in the Area of Socio-Economic Development

(i) District Planning Map Series - Project on preparation of district planning maps containing thematic information is continued. Under this programme maps of 144 districts have so far been printed by Survey of India,26 maps are under printing and 83 maps are at various stages of mapping. Districts planning maps for remaining half of the districts are being processed by National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation (NATMO). These maps are being utilised by the Government, non-government organisations and private agencies in socio-economic development of the nation.

(ii)Geodetic and Geophysical surveys

(a) Geodetic Surveys for tunnel alignment and other structures such as Dam, Power House Complex etc. for Tala Hydro-Electric Project in Bhutan has been in progress.

(b) Tidal, gravity and magnetic observations across the country for various scientific studies are continued. During the year, the Geodetic and Research Branch (G&RB) is committed to carry out the following tasks as departmental commitment.

- GPS observations - 150 stations
- Precision levelling - 3000 lin km
- Gravity observations - 100 stations
- Geomagnetic observations - (i) 35 Repeat Stations

(ii) 50 Profile Stations

(iii) Topographical Surveys: During the period under report the following tasks are committed.

(a) Topo Triangulation ... 15,187 sq. km.
(b) Aerial Triangulation ... 44,140 sq. km.
(c) Traverse ... 4,500 sq. km.
(d) Levelling ... 10,200 lin km.
(e) Photogrammetric surveys on various scales ... 61,260 sq. km.
(f) Ground surveys on various scales... 99,540 sq. km.

Research Highlights

  • Repetitive Geodetic and Geophysical Surveys viz. GPS observations, Gravimetric observations and Geomagnetic observations were continued for Crustal movement studies in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Latur area of Maharashtra to generate data for further research work with regard to seismicity and seismotectonics activities in earth-quake prone areas.
  • Digital Mapping Centres have developed several applications softwares to create DCDBs for value added digital products. Some of the major activities are given as under:-
    • Development of Programme for DVD-1 format to DGN format and DGN format to DVD-1 format.
    • Development of software for evaluation of DEM by generating graphic plot of profiles with a matrix of `Z' values.
    • To demonstrate the capability/ feasibility of the digital environment regarding digitisation of tidal charts, interpolation and error correction.
    • Beta testing of Soft Space S/W developed by ADRIN AND DATDEM by SAC for its cartographic application on Silicon Graphic System.
  • A team of two officers from Survey of India participated in the 19th Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica. The team carried out verification and revision of map of Maitri and surrounding area on 1:5,000 scale which was surveyed during 11 & 12th expeditions. The team also carried out densification of network of control points in unsurveyed area and detailed survey on 1:10,000 scale with one metre contour interval in the overlapping area surveyed during 18th expedition, in addition to glacial dynamics studies of DG glacier with Geological Survey of India.

Two officers from Survey of India are also participating in the 20th Antarctica Expedition.

Any Other Information of Interest

  • International Boundaries:

Demarcation, Relocation and Construction of boundary pillars and preparation of Strip-Maps of Indo-Nepal, Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladesh boundaries remained in progress during the year.

  • Topographical Surveys and Mapping:

(a)Survey on 1:25,K scale are being taken up on selective basis according to the priorities indicated by the Central/ State Governments and other user ommunities.

(b) Most of the maps on the primary scale of 1:50,K covering the entire country have been printed. Revision surveys for updating these maps is in progress.

(c) Maps on 1:250,K scale covering the entire country have been published and updation of maps is in progress.

(d)Compilation of various Geographical maps, State maps, Guide maps etc. are being continuously carried out. Also surveys and mapping pertaining to various developmental schemes and projects of national importance are being executed.

During the year 658 Departmental, 397 Extra departmental, 58 Geographical/ District Planning Maps are expected to be printed.

  • Digital Cartography:

(a) Digitization of 361 maps out of 394 maps on 1:250 K scale has been completed. Digitisation of 1:50 K and 1:25 K scale maps is in progress.

(b)Printing of maps of reorganised states of Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and new states of Chhatisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttaranchal using digital technology was completed. The maps received appreciation during their presentation.

  • Printing and Publication:

Other than the regular publication of topographical maps on various scales and Geographical maps etc, the following publications were also brought out:

(a) Magnetic Bulletin of Sabhawala Magnetic observatory.
(b) Indian Tide Tables - 2000.
(c) Hugli River Tide Tables - 2000.

  • Human Resources Development and Training

Various courses connected with surveying and mapping, digital cartography and special course on GPS Technology were continued at the Survey Training Institue, Hyderabad. Officers/ trainees from within the department, other govt./ non govt. organisations and foreign countries are undergoing training in the Survey Training Institute.

Administrative Setup
Organizational Structure
Vigilance Cell
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