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Annual Report 2000 - 2001


AAS : Agromet Advisory Service

ABL : Atmospheric Boundary Layer

ACBI : Association of Clinical Biochemists of India

ACM : Advanced Composites Mission

ACWC : Area Cyclone Warning Centre

AGCM : Atmospheric General Circulation Model

AICTE : All India Council on Technical Education

AIIMS : All India Institute of Medical Sciences

ALDC : Adaptive Loss-Less Data Compression

AMCHSS : Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies

APCTT : Asia Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology

APLAC : Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation

APTDPC : Andhra Pradesh Technology Development & Promotion Centre

ARAI : Automotive Research Association of India

ARCI : Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials

ARI : Agharkar Research Institute

ARMEX : Arabian Sea Monsoon Experiment

ASEAN : Association of South East Asian Nations

AWS : Automatic Weather Station

BAPMoN : Background Air Pollution Monitoring Network

BARC : Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

BHEL : Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.

BHU : Banaras Hindu University

BOBMEX : Bay of Bengal Monsoon Experiment

BOYSCAST : Better Opportunities for Young Scientists in Chosen Areas of Science & Technology

BSIP : Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany

CAPART : Council for the Advancement of People's Action & Rural Technology

CAPE : Convective Available Potential Energy

CAS : Centre for Atmospheric Sciences

CAT : Centre for Advanced Technology

CAZRI : Central Arid Zone Research Institute

CBRI : Central Building Research Institute

CBT : Centre for Biochemical Technology

CCD : Charge Coupled Device

CCEA : Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs

CCMB : Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology

CCT : Compact Cluster Telescope

CDAC : Centre for the Development of Automatic Computing

CDC : Composites Design Centre

CDPS : Cross Disciplinary Plasma Science

CDRI : Central Drug Research Institute

CD ROM : Compcat Disc Read Only Memory

CEDMAP : Centre for Entrepreneurship Development Madhya Pradesh

CEERI : Central Electronic Engineering Research Institute

CFTRI : Central Food Technological Research Institute

CGCRI : Central Glass & Ceramics Research Institute

CII : Confederation of Indian Industry

CINE : Convective Inhibition Energy

CIS : Central Indian Shear/Suture

CLW : Chittaranjan Locomotive Works

CLWP : Cloud Liquid Water Path

CMB : Cosmic Microwave Background

CNG : Compressed Natural Gas

CODATA : Committee on Data for Science & Technology

COMPTEC : Composite Technology Centre

COSTED : Committee on Science & Technology for Developing Countries

CREST : Centre for Research & Education in Science & Technology

CRIDA : Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture

CSM : Crop Simulation Model

CSIO : Central Scientific Instruments Organisation

CSIR : Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

CTRA : Cotton Textile Research Association

CWC : Cyclone Warning Centre

CWDS : Cyclone Warning Dissemination System

DAE : Department of Atomic Energy

DARE : Department of Agricultural Research & Education

DBT : Department of Biotechnology

DCS : Deep Continental Studies

DNA : Deoxyribonucleic Acid

DOD : Department of Ocean Development

DRDL : Defence Research & Development Laboratory

DRDO : Defence Research & Development Organisation

DRF : Dabur Research Foundation

DSIR : Department of Scientific & Industrial Research

DSSAT : Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer

DST : Department of Science and Technology/ Dynamic Stochastic Transfer

EAC : Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

EAL : European Accreditation Cooperation for Laboratories

ECG : Electro Cadiograph

ECIL : Electronics Corporation of India Limited

EDC : Entrepreneurship Development Cell

EDII : Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India

EDP : Entrepreneurship Development Programmes

EGRL : Equatorial Geophysical Research Laboratory

EIL : Engineers India Limited

ENSO : El-Nino Southern Oscillation

EPR : Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

EREC : Earthquake Risk Evaluation Centrer

ERP : Enterprises Resource Planning

ESF : Equatorial Spread F

ESIPT : Excited State Intramolecular Proton Transfer

FAM : Fly Ash Mission

FCS : Flexible Complementing Scheme/ Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy

FDP : Faculty Development Programme

FIST : Fund for the Improvement of Science & Technology Infrastructure

FRP : Fibre Re-inforced Plastics

GCM : General Circulation Model

GDAFS : Global Data Assimilation and Forecast System

GEC : Global Electric Circuit

GEF : Global Environment Facility

GHG : Greenhouse Gas

GIS : Geographical Information System

GLC : Gas Liquid Chromatography

GMDSS : Global Maritime Distress & Safety System

GMO : Genetically Modified Organisms

GMRT : Giant Meter Radio Telescope

GMW : Group Monitoring Workshop

GPS : Global Positioning System

GRAM : Geo-Referenced Area Management

GRL : Geomagentic Research Laboratory

GSI : Geological Survey of India

GSN : Global Seismological Network

GTS : Global Telecommunication System

HAL : Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

HBTI : Harcourt Butler Technological Institute

HGT : Home Grown Technology

HPC : High Performance Computation

HPLC : High Pressure Liquid Chromatography

HSWR : High Speed Wind Recorder

HTTP : Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

HZL : Hindustan Zinc Limited

IAC : Inter Academy Council

IACS : Indian Association for Cultivation of Science

IAF : Indian Air Force

IAP : Inter Academy Panel

IARI : Indian Agricultural Research Institute

IAS : Indian Academy of Sciences

IBC : International Business Centre

ICAR : Indian Council for Agricultural Research

ICICI : Industrial Credit & Investment Corporation of India

ICMR : Indian Council for Medical Research

ICOSER : Integration of Computational Facilities for Scientific Research

ICRP : Indian Climate Research Programme

ICSU : International Council of Scientific Unions

ICTP : International Centre for Theoretical Physics

IDBI : Industrial Development Bank of India

IDMP : International Daylight Measurement Programme

IDP : Instrumentation Development Programme

IETE : Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers

IFCI : Industrial Finance Corporation of India

IFCPAR : Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research

IFD : Integrated Finance Division

IGCAR : Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research

IGCC : Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle

IIA : Indian Institute of Astrophysics

IICB : Indian Institute of Chemical Biology

IICT : Indian Institute of Chemical Technology

IIG : Indian Institute of Geomagnetism

IIM : Indian Institute of Metals

IIP : Indian Institute of Petroleum

IISc : Indian Institute of Science

IIT : Indian Institute of Technology

IITM : Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology

IJHS : Indian Journal of History of Science

IJIRA : Indian Jute Industries Research Association

IJPAM : Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics

ILAC : International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation

ILTP : Integrated Long Term Programme

IMD : India Meteorological Department

IMS : Indian Meteorological Society

IMT : Institute of Microbial Technology

INAE : Indian National Academy of Engineering

INCOIS : Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services

INDOEX : Indian Ocean Experiment

INSA : Indian National Science Academy

INSAT : Indian National Satellite

IOP : Institute of Physics

IPCC : International Panel on Climate Change

IPM : Intelligent Processing of Materials

IPR : Intellectual Property Rights

IRHPA : Intensification of Research in High Priority Areas

IRS : Indian Remote Sensing Satellite

ISCA : Indian Science Congress Association

ISCOS : Indian Science Communication Society

ISM : Indian School of Mines

ISO : Intra Seasonal Oscillations/ International Standards Organisation

ISRO : Indian Space Research Organisation

IS-STAC : Inter-Sectoral Science & Technology Advisory Committee

I-STEP : Indian Solar Terrestrial Energy Programme

ISZ : Indian Suture Zone

IUCAA : Inter University Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics

JNARDDC : Jawaharlal Nehru Advanced Research, Development & Design Centre

JNCASR : Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research

KHFZ : Karol Hill Fault Zone

KVPY : Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana

LAM : Limited Area Model

LAN : Local Area Network

LASPEX : Land-Surface Processes Experiment

LCD : Liquid Crystal Display

LED : Light Emitting Device

LIDAR : Laser Intensity Direction and Ranging

LIOAS : Laser Induced Opto Acoustic Spectroscopy

LPA : Low Pressure Area

LPE : Low Pressure Extraction

LRF : Long Range Forecast

LSP : Land Surface Processes

LTP : Long Trace Profilometer

MAC : Management Advisory Committee

MACS : Maharashtra Association for the Cultivation of Science

MBT : Main Boundary Thrust

MHD : Magneto Hydrodynamics

MHRD : Ministry of Human Resource Development

MITCON : Maharashtra Industrial & Technical Consultancy Organisation Limited

MMC : Metal Matrix Composite

MNES : Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources

MONTBLEX : Monsoon Through Boundary Layer Experiment

MONTCLIM : Monsoon and Tropical Climate

MOU : Memorandum of Understanding

MRA : Mutual Recognition Arrangement

MST : Mesosphere Stratosphere and Troposphere

MT : Magneto-Telluric

MTNL : Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited

NABL : National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories

NAO : North Atlantic Oscillation

NAPP : Non Accelerator Particle Physics

NASA : National Aeronautics & Space Administration, USA

NATMO : National Atlas & Thematic Mapping Organisation

NBRI : National Botanical Research Institute

NCFOR-HG : National Centre for Field Operations & Research on Himalayan Glaciology

NCL : National Chemical Laboratory

NCMRWF : National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting

NCSC : National Children Science Congress

NCST : National Centre for Software Technology

NCSTC : National Council for Science & Technology Communication

NDC : National Data Centre

NDE : Non-Destructive Evaluation

NDT : Non-Destructive Testing

NEERI : National Environmental Engineering Research Institute

NEHU : North Eastern Hill University

NFL : National Fertilizers Limited

NGO : Non Government Organisation

NGRI : National Geophysical Research Institute

NIAS : National Institute of Advanced Studies

NICSI : National Informatics Centre Services Inc.

NIO : National Institute of Oceanography

NIRD : National Institute of Rural Development

NLO : Non Linear Optics

NMDC : National Mineral Development Corporation

NMR : Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

NMTC : National Meteorological Telecommunication Centre

NOAA : National Oceans & Atmospheric Administration, USA

NPL : National Physical Laboratory

NRDC : National Research Development Corporation

NRDMS : Natural Resources Data Management System

NRI : Non Resident Indian

NSC : Nuclear Science Centre

NSD : National Science Day

NSDC : National Seismological Data Centre

NSTEDB : National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board

NSTMIS : National S&T Management Information System

NTD : National Technology Day

NTFP : Non Timber Forest Produce

NTPC : National Thermal Power Corporation

NWP : Numerical Weather Prediction

OECD : Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Develeopment

OLPE : Open Learning Programme in Entrepreneurship

ONGC : Oil & Natural Gas Corporation

ORV : Oceanographic Research Vessel

PAC : Programme Advisory Committee

PAMC : Programme Advisory & Monitoring Committee

PBL : Planetary Boundary Layer

PCT : Patent Cooperation Treaty

PDUS : Primary Data Utilisation Station

PEEP : Project Aimed at Exploratory Exchange Programme

PET : Poly Ethylene Teraphthalate

PFA : Partial Financial Assistance

PFC : Patent Facilitating Centre

PIC : Patent Information Centre

PINSA : Proceedings of Indian National Science Academy

PNC : Parity Non Conservation

POC : Programme of Co-Operation

PPM : Perfect Prognostic Method

PRL : Physical Research Laboratory

RAMS : Regional Atmospheric Modeling System

RASS : Radio Acoustic Sounding System

REC : Regional Engineering College

RFI : Radio Frequency Interference

RNA : Ribonucleic Acid

RRI : Raman Research Institute

RRL : Regional Research Laboratory

RSIC : Regional Sophisticated Instrumentation Centre

RSM : Regional Spectral Model

RTP : Rural Technology Park

RVR : Runway Visual Range

SAC : Scientific Advisory Committee/ Space Applications Centre

SAR : Synthetic Aperture Radar

SASE : Snow & Avalanche Study Establishment

SCTIMST : Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology

SDF : Steel Development Fund/ Sugar Development Fund

SDSS : Spatial Decision Support System

SEM : Scanning Electron Microscope

SERC : Science and Engineering Research Council

SGSY : Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana

SICART : Sophisticated Instrumentation Centre for Applied Research and Testing

SIDBI : Small Industries Development Bank of India

SIFs : Specialised /Sophisticated Instrumentation Facilities

SIMAP : Small Industries Management Assistants Programme

SINP : Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

SITRA : South India Textile Research Association

SME : Small Medium Enterprises

SOI : Survey of India/ Southern Oscillation Index

SRBL : Synchrotron Radiation Beam Line

SRP : Scientists/ Researchers Programme

SRPP : Satellite Research Programme in Plasma Physics

SRTM : Shuttle Radar Topographic Motion

SSAG : Standing Scientific Advisory Group

SSC : Suspended Sediment Concentration

SSRC : Standing Scientific Research Committee

SST : Sea Surface Temperature

STAC : Science & Technology Advisory Committee

STARD : Science and Technology Application for Rural Development

STAWS : Science and Technology Application for Weaker Sections

STEDS : Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Scheme

STEP : Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Park

STEPAN : Science & Technology Policy Asian Network

STM : Sugar Technology Mission

STST : Skill Development Training through Science & Technology

STUP : Skill-cum-Technology Upgradation Programme

TA : Technology Assessment

TBI : Technology Business Incubator

TDB : Technology Development Board

TEC : Total Electron Content

TEDP : Technology Based Entrepreneurship Development Programme

TEM : Tunneling Electron Microscope

TePP : Technopreneur Promotion Programme

TF : Technology Forecasting

TIFAC : Technology Information Forecasting & Assessment Council

TIFR : Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

TIME IS : Technology Innovation Management Entrepreneurship & Information Services

TMPS : Technology Management Programme Support

TMS : Techno Market Survey

TOGA : Tropical Ocean General Atmosphere

TOKTEN : Transfer of Knowledge & Technology through Expatriate Nationals

TPMM : Technology Project in Mission Mode

TPSC : Theoretical Physics Seminar Circuit

TPWC : Total Precipitation Water Content

TRDDC : Tata Research Development & Demonstration centre

TSP : Tribal Sub-Plan

TWAS : Third World Academy of Sciences

UGC : University Grants Commission

UNDP : United Nations Development Programme

UNESCO : United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organisation

USERS : Utilisation of Scientific Expertise of Retired Scientists

UTI : Unit Trust of India

VBO : Vainu Bappu Observatory

VECC : Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre

VHF : Very High Frequency

VHRR : Very High Resolution Radiometer

VICAS : Voluntary Institute of Community Applied Science

VIPNET : Vigyan Prasar Network

VIPRIS : Vigyan Prasar Information System

VLBI : Very Long Base Interferometry

VSAT : Very Small Aperture Terminal

VSNL : Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited

WIHG : Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology

WMO : World Meteorological Organisation

WRI : Welding Research Institute

WTO : World Trade Organisation

Administrative Setup
Organizational Structure
Vigilance Cell
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